Unlocking the Power of Credit Spreads

We're excited to announce the publication of our latest white paper: "Unlocking the Power of Options Credit Spreads."

Packed with trading tips for the retail premium seller, we examine how to better manage credit spreads and use simple but effective techniques to reduce losses and improve your P+L.

The classic credit put spread payout diagram


Whether you trade index options like the SPX and RUT, sector ETFs or individual equity names, the key to successful credit spread trading is knowing when to exit the position to keep your losses from overwhelming your profitable trades. For novice traders looking moving beyond the "hold until expiration and cross your fingers" style of risk management to more seasoned traders testing the effectiveness of open interest levels, our "Unlocking the Power of Options Credit Spreads" guide can enhance your trading and refine your process.


Want to learn more? Download our free white paper.

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