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BetterBeta Trading's Trend Newsletter builds upon decades of academic research on momentum to deliver a complete directional trading approach designed for the retail options trader. Trend following, previously the domain of large quant funds and commodity futures traders, can now be executed across a diverse set of markets thanks to the proliferation of ETFs and their liquid options markets. Exploit the power of trending markets with our unique service.

"A small trader should be a hitch-hiker."

- Richard Wyckoff, Stock Market Technique Number 2 (Fraser Publishing Company, reprint of 1934 edition)

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Benefits of Our Approach

  • Dynamic Asset Allocation
    We put our capital where the trends are, rather than adhering to a fixed allocation model (such as a 60/40 or top 10% relative strength model). Through the use of both ETFs and options, we can reduce the cost of ownership and impact of theta decay in long options. This helps to reduce drawdowns, whipsaws and trading costs.
  • Responsive, not Predictive
    When market trends change, our positions change accordingly. We seek trends across a diverse set of asset classes, including volatility ETFs and equity index options. As additional ETFs with sufficient options volume emerge, we can include them in our diversified asset set.
  • Effective Shorting
    Through the use of options (particularly long puts), we can get greater performance from short positions than traditional methods of shorting which require high margins and have capped gains (an asset can only go down 100%). This allows shorts to make a greater contribution to our overall performance, all with much lower capital outlays.
  • Smarter Leverage
    Long options have lower capital requirements relative to outright ETF purchases and offer increased exposure when the trade works and decreased exposure when the trade goes against us, thanks to the changes in an option's delta. It provides us with "dynamic pyramiding" without having to put on additional trades.


Part of trading success is finding a strategy that works for your timeline, risk tolerance and trading style. That's why we offer a free, no-risk 10 day trial. Simply sign up and see for yourself how BetterBeta Trading's Trend service can improve your trading and deliver profits to your bottom line.

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