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BetterBeta Trading offers retail options traders a smarter way to navigate today's volatile markets.
Whether you're looking to generate monthly income or add a market-neutral strategy to your directional trading, BetterBeta Trading's Iron Condor premium newsletter service offers actionable trades AND a trading education. Since launching in early 2013, we've delivered consistent returns, even in a strong trending market.

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Weekly neutral positions offer low correlations to equity markets, offering diversified income opportunities.
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Benefits of Your Subscription

  • Detailed Trade Alerts each week in the S&P 500 (SPX) and Russell 2000 Index (RUT), including open and closing orders (as needed), delivered via email and posted in the subscriber section of our website.
  • Trades are managed as needed according to our strict risk parameters (approx. 25% of all open iron condors require an early close) with the goal of keeping any losses equal in size to the initial credit received.
  • Our superior trade structures and use of weekly options in the SPX index provides a smoother equity curve than the typical monthly strategies. Through the systematic trade management, we have the opportunity to perform well in all market types with reduced volatility.
  • Trading the cash-settled index options like the RUT and SPX offer significant tax advantages (section 1256), lower commissions (due to fewer contracts) and no risk of early assignment or dividend risk.

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How Our Premium Service Works

  • Each week, you will receive an Iron Condor options trade recommendations in the S&P 500 Index (SPX), typically 7-9 days before expiration. The spreads are 5 points wide, meaning each iron condor requires $500 in margin. We align the iron condor position with the dominant trend by selling an additional put or call spread as needed.
  • We trade weekly index options and establish positions with a target average return on risk of 47%. For a five point spread, that translates to selling an iron condor for 1.60 with a maximum risk of 3.40.
  • Even with the relatively conservative strike selection, we typically see 65-75% of the weekly iron condors expire worthless (based on historical data from 2014-November 2016). For any trades opened during periods of market movement, we issue trade recommendations for long call or put spreads to mitigate the losses to the iron condors.
  • Unlike our former monthly iron condor newsletter, the weekly SPX/RUT iron condor newsletter does not adjust or roll positions but instead uses systematic early closing orders to reduce the impact of trending markets. This makes for simpler trade structures and better trade executions.
  • Traders with lower levels of available capital have the flexibility to trade smaller sizes thanks to the use of five point spreads. This allows traders who are new to this trading approach to get comfortable with the system before committing significant capital.
  • All trades (and updates) are posted in the Iron Condor Premium Membership section of our website and are also emailed directly to you. Our site has been designed to work well on all devices, ensuring constant access to our trade recommendations. You will also receive monthly email updates with trade performance reviews.


Part of trading success is finding a strategy that works for your timeline, risk tolerance and trading style. That's why we offer a free, no-risk 10 day trial. Simply sign up and test out the BetterBeta Trading's Iron Condor newsletter service.

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